Personnel tracking and management system

StaffManageris an automated mobile personnel management system.
The unique personnel management instrument that helps to increase the work safety by monitoring the positions of the workers and the equipment, automation of the work order system, hands-on management and control over the operations.

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  • Identification and monitoring of the worker’s location.
  • Control and tracking of the performed work (work orders) and idle time of the workers.
  • Tracking of the fulfillment of the work plan step-by-step.
  • Control and notification of the workers upon entering the dangerous or harmful zones.
  • Prevention of collisions between the mobile personnel and the equipment.
  • Hands-on management and information exchange between the workers.
  • Tracking of the time spent in different locations.
  • Displaying the locations of the equipment.
  • Capable of integrating with the warehouse logistics management systems.

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