Personnel tracking and management system

Increase safety and productivity at your mine site

Work of field specialists at mine sites can be unsafe, potentially hazardous for workers’ health and lives, and carry serious risks to production assets, product quality and the overall economy of production.  

StaffManager is a solution that provides a quality new level of support and protection for field personnel.

We’re helping to create safer work environments, reduce non-productive work and increase staff efficiency through greater automation and digital technology.

Unlock new value

Implementing StaffManager will allow you to:

  • protect your workers from potential danger in hazardous field work environments;
  • provide effective remote support for the work of field personnel by highly qualified experts;
  • automate the task allocation and accounting process;
  • improve job performance quality;
  • create a united information space for office and field staff;
  • improve the productivity and efficiency of field personnel.

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