Automated management system
for Mobile Explosive Mixing Units

BlastManager is an effective solution for managing the charging processand tracking the KPIs. System allows to charge the holes based on the digital projects loaded to the on-board computer of the MEMU.

With the help of high-precision positioning, system can accurately identify the hole and navigate within the block, and also control the compliance to the charging project, track the consumption of explosives and other important operation parameters.

Achievable goals


the charging time
Allows to monitor current state of the blast holes in the project
Allows to monitor current state of the blast holes in the project
Production is less affected by the hours of darkness and limited visibility conditions.
High precision navigation and positioning

(up to ± 10см)

the work safety


  • Reporting system for the control over the amount and quality of performed operations.
  • Hands-on control over the MEMU.
  • Compliance of the charging operations to the digital project with an option to automate the charging process.
  • Calculation of the movement routes for the block taking in the account the presence of several MEMUs on the same block.
  • Option to fully video record all operations performed by MEMU.
  • Full control over the movement and distribution of the explosives.
  • Automated tracking of the blast hole charges for MEMU with the explosives consumption control system.

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