Automated management system
for Mobile Explosive Mixing Units

Right now, you already have an option to implement an automated management system for hole charging that utilizes high-precision positioning.

BlastManager is an effective solution for managing the charging processand tracking the KPIs. System allows to charge the holes based on the digital projects loaded to the on-board computer of the MEMU.

With the help of high-precision positioning, system can accurately identify the hole and navigate within the block, and also control the compliance to the charging project, track the consumption of explosives and other important operation parameters.

Additional products to increase safety of operations that involve mining and transportation equipment and workers


DVR system

Implementing BlastManager will allow you to:


the charging time
Allows to monitor current state of the blast holes in the project
Allows to monitor current state of the blast holes in the project
Production is less affected by the hours of darkness and limited visibility conditions.
High precision navigation and positioning

(up to ± 10см)

the work safety


  • Decrease the volume of required survey operations thanks to the high-precision navigation system and digital map of the block and MEMU location displayed in real time.
  • Increase productivity in limited visibility environments and poor weather conditions.
  • Reduce fuel consumption thanks to optimization of the routes used by MEMU.
  • Records operation time and downtime, and analyzes and eliminates factors that could cause downtime.
  • Lessen the possibility of potential mistakes that your personnel could make during charging process (overfilling/underfilling).
  • Ensure acceptable quality of the blasted rock mass.
  • Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and manual processing of reports and project documentation. Thanks to systematized storage and automatic recording of all charging data in the database, you can quickly access the information you need digitally.  

Using BlastManager lets you design your blasting operations individually for every hole considering all local variations in the density of rock mass. This can decrease overall consumption of explosives on the block by taking into account where rock mass is strong and where it is weak on a hole-to-hole basis.

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