Automated minefleet management system

When you manage the fleet operations on the mine site, you need to control all theprocesses, promptly react to all emergencies, minimize the influence of external random factors and do everything to make sure every unit is used most efficiently.

Modern technologies can help you complete the tasks needed to increase the production and efficiency of your mine fleet.

Automated minefleet management system (AMMS) is made for control and hands-on management of all fleet operations at the mine site.

AMMS will help you to use your time and resources with the utmost efficiency which will increase the production rate for your mine site.

Achievable goals


Increase of the mine fleet efficiency
Increase int the work safety
Most current data for the hands-on management
Real-time data exchange between the mobile terminals
Hands-on management and control from the manager devices
Visualization of the work processes on the mine site map


  • Pre-shift check-ups for the equipment
  • Tracking of non-working statuses (downtime/idletime)
  • Automation of the load-dump cycle
  • Communication system between the dispatcher and the operator (voice and text)
  • Monitoring of the speed, fuel levels, tire pressure.
  • Tracks latest relevant data and the status of fulfillment of the production plan.
  • Identifies the operator of the equipment through the RFID tags and personnel number..
  • Automatic or manual assignment of the load and dump locations.

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