High precision
digging system

The high precision positioning system for shovels and loaders is meant to increase efficiency of digging operations following the work project together with increasing the quality of the ore, decreasing the downtime and losses when the teeth go missing, giving you more control over meeting the project bench goals.

Achievable goals


Increases the efficiency of shovels and loaders
Quality management and reduces the losses in ore production
Drill to target, without spending hours surveying and marking patterns
Precise control over the project bench toe design
Helps your production to be less affected by the hours of darkness and limited visibility conditions
Increases the work safety


  • The bucket positioning with precision of several centimeters.
  • Real-time display of the digging blocks together with the data on quality of ore, location on the mining face in regards to the bench mark and the surface design on the operator’s screen.
  • High-precision digging that follows the surface design (dumps, benches, roads, trenches) with the display of the project surface profile and current surface profile.
  • Monitoring of the bench toe marks, control over the contours of the digging blocks, control over the ore quality.
  • The reporting system for the control of production volumes and quality.
  • Integration with the mining operations planning systems and other mining management systems
  • Improved visibility and dash cam system CamManager.

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