RIT Automation at MINEX Kazakhstan

The 14th Mining and Geological Forum of MINEX Kazakhstan was held on April 17-18. The Forum has been held since 2010 and is one of the most significant international mining events in the region. The Forum provides an international platform for discussing the transformations taking place in the mining and metallurgical industry in Kazakhstan.

The program of the forum is full of events highlighting key trends and events in the mining and metallurgical industry of Kazakhstan. During the first day of the forum, we gathered more than 10 contacts. Companies are represented from Russia, Kazakhstan, India, and the West. Several planned meetings have been held. The points of growth of entering the market of Kazakhstan are outlined. Ties have been strengthened and new contacts have been established.
We managed to make a presentation on “How to improve the quality of the granulometric composition of the exploded mass due to the digital technologies of RIT Automation?”. Dmitry Kolesnichenko, Commercial Director, shared the results of the speech:

“They saw me off with aircraft. After the presentation, questions were asked about our experience and the experience of companies already operating our products. During the day, they are suitable for exchanging business cards and planning further meetings and dialogue. The reports of other participants were also of high quality. I am glad that our products can be developed outside the Russian Federation.”