Internship in RIT Automation

Hello, student!

Do you want to get an internship at an accredited IT company?

RIT Automation is a Russian developer and integrator in the mining and construction industry. Why do we need you and you need us?

Internship programs are useful for students because they help them gain valuable experience while still studying. For the company, it is an investment in the future. Your eye is not blinded, you are active, you have a lot of ideas and the skill to turn familiar things upside down. We need this for development.

RIT Automation provides the conditions for a successful start of a student’s career. Experienced mentors will support and train throughout the internship program. Many students are already in the team and successfully combine work with study. If you like it here, you can get a job at our headquarters.

📌 We leave contacts and wait for your letter 😉

Email: job@rit-it.com
Job openings: https://novosibirsk.hh.ru/employer/283502