RIT Automation on MINEX

“Sustainability and Sovereignty of the Russian mining industry” is a slogan of the MINEX Russia forum in 2023. We didn’t stay away and took part in the forum. To overcome the crisis, MINEX suggested that different structural areas join forces and share their programs, strategies, and implemented projects.

The MINEX Russia Forum and Exhibition is a leading industry platform that opens up business development opportunities in the geological, mining, and metallurgical industries of Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Community.

There are we presented the next solutions:

  • Pit Manager is an automated mining complex management system. It allows you to increase mining efficiency and minerals transportation, as well as to increase the volume of transportation to the plant and decrease fleet downtime.
  • Drill Manager is a complex solution that allows you to use high-precision navigation in the drilling & blasting according to the project’s digital design. As a result, during the blasting, you get the destruction of rocks with minimal emission.