Over the past few years, safety control at large mining enterprises has increased significantly. Along with the development of modern technologies, the legal framework in the field of occupational health and safety is in the stage of active development.

To date, there are a number of Rostekhnadzor orders in effect, execution of which became mandatory after the accident at the Listvyazhnaya mine that occurred on November 25, 2021. Orders No. 428 and 436 prescribe the implementation of the MSS (Multifunctional Safety System) at factories and mines, the introduction of a system that allows to track the location of personnel and equipment, including during open pit operations as part of the MSS.

The implementation of such solutions requires highly qualified employees from various professional fields, work resources and technical equipment of the contractor company.

Only one MSS system itself implies the implementation of: aero gas control system, air dust control, fire protection, system for detecting and locating early signs of endogenous and exogenous fires, fire water supply control system, employees alert and communication system, tracking of personnel location.

Our company RIT Automation develops automated solutions to increase productivity and safety of the work site. We have developed high-precision positioning and tracking systems for mining equipment, construction equipment and personnel, control of drilling and blasting operations, and we are developing a dispatching system to control transportation equipment.

The company employs 80 specialists: IT-specialists, electronic engineers, service engineers and network communication specialists. This allows us to develop and implement very complex projects.

In the near future, RIT Automation plans to implement the MSS project at the Barzasskaya processing plant. An aerogas control system and an air dust control system will be implemented, and software will be developed to promptly process the data obtained and transmit it to Rostekhnadzor.

As part of personnel management system StaffManager, a hardware-software solution has been developed to locate personnel with an accuracy of up to 10 cm. Due to the use of UWB (Ultra Wideband) technology, data transmission is made by means of high-frequency low-energy pulses. The location of the object (tag) is determined by peripheral devices (anchors) located around the perimeter of the room.

The tracking system from RIT Automation can use GPS and BLE communication. Thus, the company can solve the tasks of monitoring the equipment and personnel both indoors and outdoors.

RIT has implemented three pilot projects of the tracking system at the following enrichment plants: “EVRAZ ZSMK”, “Uvalnaya”, “Raspadskaya”.

The tracking system has solved following tasks:

– Preventing employees from entering hazardous areas;

– Control by the dispatching personnel of the employee’s geo-location with an accuracy of 10 cm;

– Creating reports on employee movement in the work area;

– Compliance with MSS requirements;

– Positioning by bench elevation marker.

Such a solution helps to multiply the level of workplace safety. The dispatcher can track the movement of personnel in real time.

Additionally, the mobile personnel task management module is available as part of the StaffManager system. It can be used to efficiently carry out maintenance and repair work on complex and costly assemblies.

In the near future, almost every company will be equipped with such systems. RIT Automation’s solutions for improving workplace health and safety are in line with the current requirements of the digital industry.