Warranty and post-warranty service

project-40Authorization grants the right to provide warranty service and technical support. Authorized service center has an access to official documentation, software and original parts straight from the vendor. Our technicians received certified training from the vendor. All that guarantees high quality of our repair services.

RIT automation is an authorized service center for Octagon, Motium and Wenco International Mining Systems and provides warranty and post-warranty service and repairs.

We are fully equipped authorized service center and have highly qualified personnel to conduct repairs of any level of complexity. We can provide high quality service right here locally, so you won't have to ship your equipment back to the vendor thus greatly reducing costs and time of repairs.

For more than 3 years, we provide following services for our clients:

  • Warranty and post-warranty service and technical support.
  • Selling and supplying original parts and accessories for equipment straight from the vendor.

We provide full spectre of warranty and post-warranty service for drilling and mining automation management systems, transport monitoring and resource optimization systems, weight monitoring systems as well as communication systems and rugged monitors for industrial use.

Broadening the range of services, increasing the quality, raising the professionalism – these are the main criteria of development for our company. Always moving forward, striving towards perfection so our partners and clients can trust us.