Technical Support

Technical support, Helpdesk, Service desk is the service structure created to solve various problems for users (hardware or software origin)

Even though we can be located thousand miles away from our customers, we provide them full technical support and service.

It can be achieved quite easily. We just start our service department at the territory of your site. Our technicians provide technical support at 7/12 (7\24 option is available) and there's a developed system of cases registration with their following processing.

With this, you will always be sure that all questions about production, documentation or the system generally will be answered ASAP. Our level of service allows you to control every step of this process, from creating a case to successful issue elimination.

With our service you save

  • Time and resources to apply changes;
  • Time and resources of your personnel handling other responsibilities;
  • Costs of hiring and training additional personnel;

You gain

  • Qualified informational and technical support at 12/7 (12 hours per day, 7 days per week);
  • Option to promptly apply changes to the system – you just need to form a case and e-mail it to us;
  • Guaranteed reaction to your problem within 1 working day from receiving your case;
  • High-quality technical maintenance of the system by professionals;
  • Free consultations on system enhancement.