“RITautomation” international company has put into production run the Automation Drilling Operation Management System produced by the foreign company “Thunderbird Mining Systems”.

On January 2015 our company has put into production run another automation drilling complex, technological project and equipment for which was produced in the USA. The customer is one of the Joint-Stock Company “Vasilkovskiy Mining and Processing Plant” cast mines of Kazakhstan LLP mining company “Altyntau Kokshetau”.

Automation Drilling Operation Management System comes with the  hardware – integrated systems for high accuracy navigation of drilling machines, and software – the complex of drilling practice parameters monitoring for Atlas Copco  machines provided by “Thunderbird Mining Systems” company.

The integrated system of drilling-and-blasting complex control effectively combines the opportunities for drilling machines operation and down time monitoring, high accuracy navigation and exact  machine positioning according to the drilled block project, drilling parameters monitoring during hole boring, and further data processing, including rock breaking energy density calculation.

The complex provides complete package of the following features:

  • High accuracy of navigation (up to 10 cm)
  • Implementation of project blast patterns
  • Real-time control of drilled hole depth allows for project depth compliance, hence over- or underdrilling exclusion (automatic recalculation of drilling depth in case if there is a bunch or pit at a location of the projected hole)
  • Drilling end-of-shift efficiency increase due to faster driving on location, less time needed for relocation, decreased amount of re-drilled holes and less dependence on night-time or unfavorable weather conditions
  • Receiving the information about rock hardness for cast mines zoning depending on drilling (breaking) energy density, counting drilling specific costs, that allows to plan and control drilling-and-blasting operations more effectively. Blasted mined rock benefication increases conveyor equipment efficiency
  • Decreased amount of drilling machines relative to the same amount of drilling within the cast mine