Fragmentation analysis «PortaMetrics»


project-26PortaMetrics™ is a point and shoot portable tablet that provides fragmentation analysis
without the need for any reference scaling object.

Reference point and shoot material

The portable device operates using patented stereoscopic 3D shooting images, providing data on the fragmentation of the material in seconds without the need for multiple measurement study area. For absolutely PortaMetrics not critical shooting angle and positioning of the camera - enough to select the control point and make a shot.

Important data is always at hand

Users can easily switch between a single image and a series of shots to access to critical information, and broad features of the system:

  • The size distribution of the material
  • Individual size of fragments of ore and distance
  • Measurements in real-time
  • Instantaneous measurement bias
  • Ability to work with different orientation of the device
  • Compatible with MetricsManager


Simply point and shoot

A 3D imaging sensor is combined with a powerful processing unit to provide accurate fragmentation information in a matter of seconds. No assumptions are made about the shape of the scene or the angle between the camera’s line of sight and the scene.

Critical information at your fingertips

Users can easily access critical information such as:
• Rock size distribution
• Individual rock size and distance
• Real-time range measurement
• Instantaneous slope measurement

Intuitive user interface

With a simple click of a button, our system will analyze the images taken and present the information in an intuitive graphical user interface.

Instantaneous slope sensing

PortaMetrics™ uses a large number of 3D points to estimate the slope for a desired scene in real-time.

Details can be found on the manufacturer's website