Orlaco – Collision avoidance systems and video review

Orlaco supplier of the best cameras and displays used to enhance the security workspace anywhere in the world
Among Orlaco believe that optimum visibility should be provided around each machine. This allows you to create a safe working environment, reduce the risk of injury, improve efficiency and comfort level.

Orlaco - supplier of the best cameras and displays used to enhance the security workspace anywhere in the world. For more than 25 years, a team of professionals engaged in developing and manufacturing various types of certified, reliable and fully functional systems of cameras and monitors that allow you to reduce the amount of a blind (dead) zones in operating the equipment. Solutions Orlaco, not only can improve the safety on the jobsite, and performance of all the equipment, but also provide additional operator comfort when working through improved ergonomics.

Increased safety and productivity

Dump trucks, excavators and dump trucks - these are just some examples of complex machines in the management of which requires a good overview to ensure safe and smooth operation. Every day machines are becoming better and can effectively cope with more complex tasks. But, still, the only people able to manage these machines correctly. But these machines are characterized by a minimum-round visibility for the operator. Therefore, in accordance with the standards of the industry, reduction of a blind zone becomes a priority. System of cameras and monitors Orlaco help to increase operational efficiency and safety.

Improved ergonomics and increased comfort

The operator must ensure that what is happening around the car. Often he has to perform maneuvers, taking an unnatural position of the body. When managing a machine is used regularly back up. The operator has to turn his whole body to monitor the implementation of the maneuver. This may lead to slight or even serious personal injuries which in turn may cause incapability of the operator for a long period. When using the monitor Orlaco, mounted on the dashboard, the driver can maintain a proper body position, and does not feel any discomfort during the operation. The driver feels safe and in control on the jobsite, less stressed, and performs tasks in a comfortable working environment.

Quality confirmed by certificates

Quality always wins. Orlaco strives to meet the needs of the customer. Maintainability and continuous production of high quality products with tailor-made design allows to carry out tasks. Special attention is given to quality control Orlaco. We provide a high level of automation of the production cycle in accordance with the requirements of TS16949. By investing in continuous improvement of its products, we build long-term relationships with our customers and satisfy their requirements. Compatibility of products, systems and operations is a key element in building a reliable partnership relations. All devices are supplied with detailed technical documentation for unemployed defective work at the first use.