Solutions for loading equipment Motion Metrics

toothToothMetrics - unnoticed loss of time bucket teeth can cause a breakdown, many hours or even several days, the crusher. ToothMetrics ™ uses a system of cameras and high-strength special image processing algorithms to continuously monitor the status of each individual tooth on the bucket. In case of loss of one of the teeth of the system immediately notifies the operator of excavation equipment.

This option is used on: excavators and loaders


wearWearMetrics - excavators with worn teeth reduces efficiency and productivity, resulting in longer time recess, loading, besides increasing the likelihood of breakage of teeth or adapters. WearMetrics ™ continuously monitors and stores data on wear crowns on each tooth. Stored data can be analyzed using MetricsManager ™ or Microsoft Excel ™ for timely identification of the need to replace the crown.

This option is used on: excavators


fragFragMetrics - Statistics sizes ore material plays a key role in optimizing the blasting, reducing energy costs and quantities of explosives, as well as to ensure long equipment life. FragMetrics ™ provides automatic image capture and further analysis of the fragmentation of ore material in the bucket of the excavator during operation of mining equipment. This unique approach allows data fragmentation before the start of treatment and transportation of the material.

This option is used on: excavators

radarRadarMetrics - because of impressive size and vast "dead zones" have shovels, frequent and rapid movement of the excavator can be extremely dangerous for any equipment operating nearby. RadarMetrics ™ is a system specially placed cameras high and designed for operation in harsh conditions radar sensors along the perimeter of the excavator. This system allows full control over their environment.

This option is used on: excavators


view-metrics1ViewMetrics - is a system specially placed high security cameras designed to work in harsh conditions on the perimeter of the excavator. This system allows full control over their environment. By reducing the blind spots, about 20% of all deaths in the mining industry over the past five years could be prevented through the use of detection of approaching objects.

This option is used on: excavators and loaders


loadLoadMetrics - one of the disadvantages of on-board weighing systems for dumpers is the ability to measure the weight only after discharging material into the body dump. LoadMetrics ™ monitors the weight material in each bucket, allowing the operator to promptly determine possible "overload" or "underload".

This option is used on: hydraulic equipment


metrics-managerMetricsManager - is a client-server type of a central platform for a single tool for monitoring and control not only products MotionMetrics, but also for any other systems used in the enterprise. MetricsManager provides control of the current states of the controlled equipment. Users will be informed immediately of any critical events, such as the loss of the bucket teeth or collision incident technique. Can e-mail delivery of reports, as well as any information messages about the status of the equipment.


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