Control Drilling complex «DrillManager»

DrillManagerIn the integrated control system of drilling and blasting complex DrillManager efficiently combines the features of monitoring and Downtime drilling rigs, high-precision navigation and positioning the machine in strict accordance with the project drilling unit, monitoring drilling parameters when drilling wells, and then the subsequent data processing, in particular, the calculation of the specific energy consumption of destruction species.

System DrillManager, implemented in full, provides the following indicators:

  • High precision navigation (up to 10cm )
  • Implementation of design schemes Explosives
  • Depth control oburivaemoy wells in real time will allow the project to comply with the depth and thereby eliminate regale/nedobury ( automatic recalculation of drilling depth, if the proposed on-site wells outgrowth or ditch)
  • Increased productivity of drilling per shift, due to faster arrival at the place and time reduction for travel, reducing the amount of re-drilling of wells , and less dependence on the night and adverse weather conditions.
  • Obtain information on the rock strength for zoning areas career on an energy drilling ( destruction), to calculate the unit cost of drilling, and on the basis of these data and to plan more effectively manage blasting . Improved particle size distribution of blasted rock mass improves performance loading and transport equipment.
  • Reduces the number of required drilling rigs for the same amount of drilling on career.

The system

The complex is a set of server software and hardware system that is installed on drilling rigs. Hardware system consists of a base system and two additional subsystems: high-precision navigation and monitoring of drilling. Which may be purchased and installed at the same time with the base system or as an extension later functional system.

The server software consists of onboard software and office software

  • On-board software is responsible for the navigation, the collection and transmission of information on the work of the drilling rig, the drilling process control operator (well depth, the speed, the pressure to the bottom, etc.)
  • Office software displays data about the operation in real time, provides an opportunity to work with the database, and detailed reporting system for the selected period of time.


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