Solutions for crushing and concentrating plants for monitoring conveyor belts «BeltMetrics»

beltBeltMetrics™ - is a revolutionary solution for monitoring critical parameters, such as fragmentation of the material, volume and mass flow on the conveyor belts.

Fragmentation analysis
High resolution camera automatically generates image capture material on a moving conveyor belt and analyzing the sizes of fragments of ore in real time. Usage of fragment sizes ore and P-numbers are stored in a database automatically.

Weight and volume flow
Modern multi-sensor system defines various deviations from preset parameters, the mass and volume flow in real-time as well as with the speed of the tape - and the total instantaneous mass indices and flow volume.

BeltMetrics™ system provides data on key performance indicators of the conveyor belt for the shift. Front screen, which reproduces data in real time as well is capable of producing the basic indicators on request, including the data accessed remotely through all kinds of wireless data platforms.