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project-20System fleet management and equipment (FMS) for mining facility maintains records, prepares reports, and ultimately optimize the fleet in order to reduce operating costs.

System Wencomine, which is a system of FMS-Wenco, is a suite of specialized software installed on an extra strong equipment that uses the GPS and wireless radio network to record and monitor the generation, maintenance and safety at your facility.

Wencomine system provides dispatchers and operators information and monitoring equipment and data in real time through adaptive interfaces, parallel and provides managers and executives reporting various options so that they can quickly assess the full picture of daily operations.

System fleet management and equipment Wencomine offers an effective solution to perform mining operations, which allows objects to devote more time producing and less time solving problems and thus get a better return from the quarry.


Mining-Production-ManagementWenco’s production management software presents office dispatchers and managers with a visual representation of equipment activity and performance. On either a schematic diagram, or over-laid on a mine map, the equipment position and statuses are updated instantaneously providing supervisors with the ability to make informed decisions based on real-time operational updates.

MineVision – Wenco’s mine map software application provides complete awareness of all your mining equipment and the ability to control equipment routing directly on the map.

Easy to use on-screen controls provide KPI’s, drag and drop assignments, location and material identity, wait times, travel times, equipment constraints, equipment statuses, operator i.d., fuel hours, engine hours, plus the ability to assign activity-based cost codes. All the information required to monitor and control each aspect of the operation.

FleetControl – Wenco’s real-time dispatcher application shows detailed activity and productivity information for all equipment in the mine. 



With the amount of data collected by Wenco’s fleet management system, it is imperative that the information pertinent to the current situation is presented to the operator in a clear and concise manner. Wenco’s onboard computer, constructed for the harsh environments of the mining industry, is designed to collect data from numerous sources including, GNSS, OEM engine health, fatigue systems, tire systems, payload sensors, and digital inputs. This data is presented on a colour touch screen display as immediate and relevant information.

Mobile Operators Terminal (MobileOT) – Wenco’s touch-screen interface gives operators key information in multiple formats and collects data automatically.

A key benefit of the Wenco operator system is automated data collection, which removes the requirement for the operator to have to manually input data. This results in more consistent and accurate data collection, while letting the operator focus on the task at hand. Automatically collected data includes all typical haul cycles statuses (waiting, spotting, loading, hauling, dumping, travelling empty) plus; equipment i.d., payload, load counts, material origin and destination, status times, travel times, and distance.

Information presented to the operator to help increase production efficiencies include assignment notifications, off-route notifications, pre-start checklists, delay and down selections, and a selectable set of Key Performance Indicators to update the operators on current performance against targets.

MobileOT Hauling Screen – Operator screens show status, fuel, speed, tonnage, alerts/notifications, next location, and give operators the ability to input equipment updates and communicate issues directly with the dispatcher.



As part of the core system Wenco provides real-time alarms and machine health information. With real-time notifications from payload, to engines, struts, and wheel motors, your maintenance department gains just as much from the core system as operations. By providing interfaces for major OEM health and load systems, Wenco has your fleet covered.

Generated alarms are sent directly to the appropriate personnel within the application or via email. Configured notifications can be sent directly to maintenance dispatchers, field supervisors, or maintenance superintendents and are viewable on smart phones and tablets.

Wenco Alarm Events – Wenco’s OEM interface collects data from all available systems and provides configurable alerts and notifications for operators and mine staff.

The core system also allows the maintenance department to actively poll equipment for values on individually selected parameters. Select the equipment, parameters, length of time you want to monitor, the interval for retrieving data, and the system does the rest. The system collects the desired values, streams them onscreen and stores the information for future reporting.

What effect does your road network have on your equipment? Need proof that uneven benches are causing problems, or operators require additional training running equipment down ramps? Set up geographically triggered polling. Select a road segment and what parameters to gather as the equipment travels over that section. The Wenco system works with the machines to support the maintenance efforts.

Parameter Polling –  Geographically triggered polling allows mines to collect vehicle data at specific points around the mine to monitor trends and identify potential issues.


Wenco-Dashboard-Actionable-DataMore than simply data collection and real-time performance improvements, the Wenco system provides meaningful representations of these results for accurate and informed decision making. The Wenco System places data measures and key performance indicators up against targets so your supervisors can quickly compare and analyze mine site performance. They can then act, make adjustments, and plan so that the necessary improvements are achieved.

Real-time and historical reporting options with multiple visualizations and data sources.

Real-time reports are available on production, material, time, status, quality, locations, stockpiles, and equipment, all within the main dispatcher screen. Plots of machine health notifications are available for the maintenance department. See where in the mine health events are occurring to analyze trends and identify problem areas.

Use any of the 40 standard Wenco historical production reports or create custom reports from our open database. Auto-generate, schedule, and email the reports to the appropriate personnel.

Dashboards are responsive and scale to laptops, netbooks, tablets, and mobile devices.

View real-time dashboards on your web browser. Use the standard collection of dashboard views to see availability, utilization, hauling performance, production, statuses and compare against mine specific targets, or create your own dashboards and share them with your colleagues. This web-based reporting package is mobile-ready with responsive design for tablets and smart phones.



Wenco is committed to the safe operation of machinery in a manner that is consistent with the operator’s goal. So along with all production information available to the operator, Wenco also provides a suite of safety-oriented functionality.

Login and qualification checks ensure operators are trained to operate specific machinery. Additionally, operators can be prompted to complete a pre-start safety check before the first assignment of a shift to ensure safe operation.

MobileOT Pre-Start Checklist – During log-in operators can be asked to go through a pre-start checklist.

The mine can set up speed limits, either mine wide, or per road segment, and have the speed limits set per equipment type. Speed limits can be set as both minimum and maximum limits. On screen gauges show the operators their current speed and the limits set for that road. If weather deteriorates road conditions, then speed limits can be adjusted based on pre-set environmental conditions selected in a simple drop down menu.

If a speed violation does occur then instantaneous notifications are sent to the operator and the supervisors.

Speed Monitoring – Set speeds for haul roads and individual road segments. Adjust speeds based on weather or road conditions and have operators receive updates in real-time.

Ask us about additional safety features including exclusion zone proximity alerts and mine-wide emergency broadcast.