Control mining-transport complex

project-15On the backdrop of a record increase in demand for minerals and metals worldwide mining industry is booming. A key role in this area plays automation of the production process, it also allows you to talk about the emergence of new mining ventures.

Go to the product Wenco

Go to the product Wenco

Wenco’s production management software presents office dispatchers and managers with a visual representation of equipment activity and performance. On either a schematic diagram, or over-laid on a mine map, the equipment position and statuses are updated instantaneously providing supervisors with the ability to make informed decisions based on real-time operational updates.


MineVision – Wenco’s mine map software application provides complete awareness of all your mining equipment and the ability to control equipment routing directly on the map.

Easy to use on-screen controls provide KPI’s, drag and drop assignments, location and material identity, wait times, travel times, equipment constraints, equipment statuses, operator i.d., fuel hours, engine hours, plus the ability to assign activity-based cost codes. All the information required to monitor and control each aspect of the operation.