part_1«Polyus Gold» –

Leading gold producer in Russia, part of the largest gold mining companies in the world in reserves and production volumes. The main company Polyus Gold is located in the richest gold mining regions of Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East, and include five operating mines, gold placers and a number of projects under construction and development. Shares of Polyus Gold International Limited are traded in the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: PGIL). The company is the largest gold producer in the London Stock Exchange.


part_2«Alrosa» -

State mining company, a leader of the diamond industry in Russia. Ranks first in the world in terms of diamond carat and in monetary terms, its share of world production is 30%. Nine countries, ten regions of Russia - is the geography of the ALROSA Group. Since 2009 "ALROSA" is confident the industry leader in terms of production of rough diamonds. Steady growth in production from 34 million carats in 2012 to 41 million carats in 2019 will allow the Group to maintain its success.


part_3«Severalmaz» -

Is one of the youngest Russian diamond producers. Industrial diamond mining began in 2005, capacity 1.0 million tonnes of ore per year. JSC "Severalmaz" was established in accordance with the Government of the Russian Federation dated 20 March 1992 "On the industrial development of the diamond fields of MV University in Arkhangelsk region and the creation of complex enterprises for mining, sorting, faceted diamonds and manufacture of diamond tools."


part_4«Ferrexpo» -

Company «Ferrexpo» specializes in the manufacture and export of iron ore pellets. Is the largest exporter of pellets in the CIS. The main asset of the company is located in Ukraine - OJSC "Poltava GOK." The headquarters is located in Switzerland. In 2007 Ferrexpo Rlc become the first Ukrainian company to obtain a listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The company produces about 12 million tons of pellets per year.


part_5«Asarel Medet» -

"Assarel Medet" is the first, largest and leading Bulgarian mining company for mining and processing of copper ore by open way, providing about 50% of the national production of copper. The company plays an important role for the Bulgarian economy as one of the leading industrial companies with a large share of investment in gross domestic product. "Assarel Medet" annually processes about 13 million tons of ore that provides sustained and stable development.