Basic system automation mining transport complex, fully adapted to the requirements of your production. It includes the necessary equipment , communications and applications. Complete kit to ensure efficiency , engineering support , maintenance, as well as management. The system provides complete control over the production process and also includes a handy and most detailed reporting system. Managers have access to all objects in the system and can manage them as accurately and efficiently.

The software has a very simple interface for Windows and displays complete information about the state of the equipment, and the location of his actions. In the program, you can easily drag and drop objects on the map, as well as monitor the status, details of loading/unloading operations on startup, downtime, fueling and speeding.

Database SQL-Server Wenco provides a simple solution for storing, sharing, and data analysis. Reporting tool "Dashboard" of Wenco, based on Internet technology and allows you to watch real-time information on a variety of devices, anywhere.


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